An Opinion About Being A Woman Essay

An Opinion About Being A Woman Essay

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The most ironic thing as an opinion about “being a woman in Iraq” is women needed to be “chaperoned” whenever they leave the house (Farzaneh, 2014). A chaperone is something a child needs to make sure they are avoiding any danger as much as possible and keeping safe. Their male guardian chaperone is always a male relative that would convoy them to complete any errands in the public, even doctor visits and also, when doing shopping trips for the household and family necessities. The government is now trying to lift the laws of restriction on women so that it will be possible for them to travel without the permission of their husbands and male relatives (Farzaneh, 2014).
This will allow them to feel some kind of self-independence being granted to leave the house alone sometimes. As a woman taking on all the household duties and including raising the kids mostly alone they do need some time to self. It is essential for every now and then to get away from everyone and meditate to self. This will help them keep their self-insane and preventing from any mentally diseases. Mental disease can be like having a nervous breakdown, a stroke or snapping out the blues hurting anyone unintentionally.
It is imperative that women are unavoidable to the amount of time with men that they are not related to. They also have to be accompanied to business places that are affiliated with males, such as grocery stores in the town (Farzaneh, 2014). Even parks, beaches, amusement parks and transportation are segregated in several parts of Iraq (Farzaneh, 2014). When they do not abide to that law and mix themselves with the company of another man it can lead to criminal charges against both the man and woman. However, the woman often face the harsher p...

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...rmal to some countries. People do not change normal routines that is pass on from generations to generations.
In Iran, Afghanistan, and Egypt women are supposed to follow behind the shadow and footprints of their husband (2016). They have no rights for anything they want to do. Everything have to be asked for permission by the husband. Even some countries allow a man to abuse the woman if they feel she was being disobedient. Sad thing about it the law does not permit any of these things from occurring. Where will these men be without a women? Women deserves the most up most respect for what all they does. The message these countries are giving younger girls is it is okay to be mistreated, have no self-esteem, no independence, feeling unworthy and treated like a property have to come to a complete end for a better society including the men and women.

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