An Online Career Planning And Assessment Tool Essay

An Online Career Planning And Assessment Tool Essay

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Overview of the Instrument
MyPlan is an online career planning and assessment tool that helps college students and professionals to identify their strengths and narrow down their career options. Found in, the instrument helps users to: learn about careers and career options; assess their interests, personality, values and skills; identify what to major in; and learn about college rankings. MyPlan assessment tool has various career assessment tests including personality test, interest test, values test and skills test. Each of these tests can help students and professionals to make informed decisions about their education, careers and professional lives.
MyPlan is an easy to use instrument that requires users to create an account, log in and assess their personalities, interests, skills and values. Most of the information in the website that hosts the instrument is affordable or free. However, users have to pay a fee for some of the assessment tests. According to, the fee is used to cover some of the costs and expenses of researching and developing the assessment tests. Nevertheless, the prices are relatively low and this makes it easy for people facing challenges in choosing careers, colleges and majors to access vital information regarding education and career options.
The career assessment tests that I did using MyPlan instrument include personality, interest, values and skills tests. Each of the tests provided a report with vital information about my personality, skills, values and interests.
Personality Test
The personality test report generated by the instrument described my personality type on the basis of principal preferences which are then translated to realistic career advice. The career p...

... middle of paper ...

...tion, it is important to seek the services of a career counselor in interpreting the instrument’s results. Career counselors are trained in career guidance and can accurately interpret and analyze the instrument’s results while considering an individual’s personality.
While using MyPlan assessment tool in career counseling, counselors need to possess the appropriate knowledge in the basic principles of the instrument, how to administer the tool, and how to interpret the results. Moreover, counselors should follow through to help clients to utilize the instrument’s results for action planning. In addition, counselors need to follow ethical guidelines while using the tool on clients. Whereas MyPlan assessment tool is excellent in helping students and professionals prioritize their career choices, proper use and interpretation of the instrument’s results is necessary.

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