An Ongoing War Of Privacy Issues Arose Between Apple Inc. And The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

An Ongoing War Of Privacy Issues Arose Between Apple Inc. And The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

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An ongoing war of privacy issues arose between Apple Inc. and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over encryption, after the San Bernardino attacks. This has a caused a war between the government and capitalism. The FBI wants to unlock the IPhone for the sake of national security while Apple believes they should protect their client’s privacy. The feud between corporations and a government is a human issue that pertains to anyone who values privacy and inalienable rights. Apple should not allow the FBI to intervene with its software because it goes against constitutional, privacy and human rights.
The FBI wants to investigate if Tashfeen Malik had any links to the Islamic state and can only do so by unlocking the phone. National security is a priority for the nation; however, there are certain limitations which government agencies cannot bypass. The FBI has ordered Apple to create a software that can let them bypass restrictions. James B. Comey, the FBI Dirctor indicates that “We simply want the chance, with a search warrant, to try to guess the terrorist’s passcode without the phone essentially self-destructing and without it taking a decade to guess correctly.” The FBI’s proposal violates the Constitution. Our founding fathers believed in the inalienable rights. Tim Cook argues that “to write computer code, which courts have ruled is a type of speech, runs counter to the 1st Amendment’s ban on compelled speech, the lawyers wrote. The 5th Amendment, they added, protects companies from being forced into the government’s service”. Apple can use the 5th Amendment to their advantage and argue that it deprives the company of liberty without due process of law. The 4th amendment also protects companies from unreason...

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...Snowden’s leak. The United States government continues to be unsuccessful in their fight against terrorism and other domestic attacks. How can we trust a government, who is constantly, spying on its citizens? The Homeland Security Act was created to protect the people, but instead it has reduced privacy and increased government power.
Apple should preserve our constitutional values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Apple should remain in a position where they will protect privacy rights of Americans. As citizens of the United States, we need to protect our constitutional, privacy and human rights. The government should have limited control, and that is what this country is founded on. As a nation with an established Democracy, we should make sure our courts rule and abide by the Constitution.

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