Essay about An Older Adult Named Dorothy

Essay about An Older Adult Named Dorothy

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Maria Sederes
In order to further explore my own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs regarding this population, I interviewed an older adult named Dorothy. This interview was designed to learn more about Dorothy’s life and the experiences she had. For this interview I decided to pick a very nice lady that I have known for a couple of years. Her name is Dorothy. I met her through my sister since she used to help her with chores around the house, and now my brother helps her with technology repairs. Dorothy calls my brother if her computer gets a virus, her Internet is not working, or if her printer malfunctions. It has been a pleasure knowing her, and now getting the opportunity to learn more about her.
Dorothy is a Caucasian female. She is 85 years old; she was born in a rural area in New Mexico in 1927. Her family’s religious affiliation is Methodist; she was baptized in a Methodist church when she was a baby. Her father was a farmer, who moved to New Mexico from Arkansas, and her mother was a housekeeper. Her mother moved here with all of her family from Louisiana in order to escape Tuberculosis, and because they wanted a dryer climate. Dorothy had two sisters, one is 80 years old now and the other one passed away two years ago. She still keeps daily contact with her sister through the Internet. When thinking about her race, she mentioned that being Caucasian was an advantage due to racism back then. She mentions her school years were happy, although she never adjusted to having to travel a long distance and attending a larger high school than she was used to. She always had better than average grades, and she never got into trouble. She says that growing up if she or anyone got in trouble they had to answer to her grandmother and s...

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...better, and I can see why all the stereotypes exist. I can now say for a fact that depression and anxiety have nothing to do with aging, and that not everyone who is an older adult has major health issues or handicaps. I was glad to hear that most of the areas of concern, such as satisfactory housing and healthcare are being met. I was also glad to find out that she is motivated and looking forward to moving to an assisted living environment.
As a result of this interview I have many thoughts about my own aging. First of all I know how important health is, and how important it is to start now since everything counts. I also learned that we must prepare and think of what we want our older years to be like, such as live in a private home or assisted living, or even things regarding our healthcare. This interview made me more interested in working with this population.

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