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Whether dying old as an athlete or young, one has a greater affect than the other. As an athlete myself this topic relates to me quite well. Athletes in general, who do an outstanding job with their athletics, do things that are unexpected. Records are broken and championships were won. It has been twenty-one years since WHS has won a team state championship in swimming and diving. And in that twenty-one years we have finally done what is unimaginable and what was thought to be in 1993 the only championship that WHS would get. However, not only is swimming and diving a team sport it is also an individual sport. How we do in our individual events determines how we place as a team. This is also where people way before us, such as Guy Fulfer, has set state records and school records. Sadness begins in an athlete, but all begins in Housman’s “To an Athlete” and it does bring sadness to an athlete in three ways, disappointment, discouraged, and finally sadness.
As most athletes, who are dedicated to their sport, practice harder than athletes who just play sports for fun. However, there are disappointments in the sport. Many in which involve record holders (mostly in individual sports). Or some in which involve how state standings and/or championships are viewed. As stated by A.E. Housman, “The time you won your town the race we chaired you through the marketplace; man and boy stood cheering by, and home we brought you shoulder-high.” (Prentice Hall Literature [page 1092 lines 1-4]). As newer generations come into the sport, some are born with a gift unimaginable with great potential, people who set the school/state record cause a sadness in the record holder from the past.
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...oked up too, I wanted to be just like him (a state champion and on the Hall of Fame). Often my name is read in the paper for my accomplishments, and one thing I do know that as I get older I know I will be forgotten. But that never will overcome me. I will remember what I have done, and I know someone out their will go to WHS and be just as great if not greater than me. One thing that I often remember, is that even though I may be forgotten in the future I remember all from the past and the accomplishments I have made. And that person that is out there that beats my record I will congratulate them because records are meant to be broken. However, I will still have some emotional attachment as an athlete in diving. So indeed there is sadness in an athlete in three ways, disappointment, discouraged, and finally sadness.

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