Essay about An Office Manager At A Private Practice Physician 's Office

Essay about An Office Manager At A Private Practice Physician 's Office

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The person I interviewed with was Miss Beth Miller. She is an office manager at a private practice physician’s office. The primary care physicians are Dr. Patrick Dang and Dr. Angel Ho. They are both married to each other and own two private office locations here in Orlando, Florida. One of the locations is primary care while the other is more urgent care based. How I found this opportunity was one of my close friends, Ashley Rader, is a medical assistant there and was able to schedule me in to have lunch with Miss Miller to talk about the healthcare industry and her job at the physician’s office.
Beth Miller holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration and has been working for Dr. Dang and Dr. Ho for about 7 years. She saw an ad post about a medical office looking for a manager on the Indeed website and applied for the job. She got hired just a couple of months after they opened their practice. During those years, she went back to school to become a certified medical assistant (CMA) and to further expand her knowledge. Clinical laboratory services such as Quest Diagno...

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