An Observation Of Health And Social Care Environments Essay examples

An Observation Of Health And Social Care Environments Essay examples

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The aim of this assignment is to view the Panorama documentary (BBC,2014) with regards to the quality of care given. The documentary provides an observation of health and social care environments; it shows how service users are mistreated on a daily basis. It also aims to critically analyse changed made to healthcare policies. It how these changes are implemented in practice to improve the service provided and protect clients.

Professionalism in any setting involves taking pride in the work taking place. Passion for the role is what makes a service provider professional. ‘Professionalism is predominately an attitude, not a set of competencies. A real professional is a technician who cares.’ (Maister, 1997, p.12) Relating to the panorama documentary (BBC, 2014), there is little pride or passion shown by the healthcare providers. The issues surrounding professionalism in the Documentary (BBC, 2014) were staff providing poor quality care.

The 6 C’s outline the key features which can be implemented to become a caring professional. The 6 C’s were introduced to create caring and compassionate staff. ‘Recently, the Chief Nursing Officer of England, Jane Cummings, introduced the concept of the 6 C’s to restore publicly the notion of compassion and caring, which nurses have been accused of loosing.’ (Poole, 2015.) Staff in the panorama documentary (BBC, 2014) lacked key values such as honesty, respect and patience. For example, Mrs. Yvonne Grant a resident of Oban House Care Home, Mrs. Grant can no longer walk and needed help getting to the toilet. After an hour of calling for help with no response a care worker enters to help Yvonne. The care worker ignores Mrs. Grants pleas telling her she is wearing an incontinence pad. This is a pr...

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...It shows how the 6’cs can be implemented to create better quality care. It also shows how the personalisation agenda has changed the way in which we create care plans for service users. Those issues which can effect quality of care provided such as staffing and time constraints, gives detail to how it can effect care and the service users. This essay also shows strengths and weaknesses of clients rights specifically looking at the CQC and The Francis report. It explains why client’s rights are complex and shows how services now need to provide more complex care. The BBC Panorama gives examples of both poor quality of care such as ignoring service users and not respecting their dignity. However, there is times during the programme that care was carried out in an effective manner. Over all the care provided was inadequate and needed radical changes made to services.

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