An Investigation Of Intimate Partner Violence Essay

An Investigation Of Intimate Partner Violence Essay

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Research Interest:
An investigation of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and the availability of social programs to address the psychological consequences and trauma resulting from IPV: An investigation comparing Sub-Saharan Africa Nigeria and Ghana with Canada.

Key words: Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, Violence against Women, Abuse, and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Complex Trauma:

I would like to examine the psychological impact of Intimate Partner Violence on survivors, as well as to evaluate the programs that are available to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma that result from domestic violence. I observed that women in the abused women’s shelter, where I worked as a Frontline Social Service worker for five years, were often depressed. Some women would sleep for 24 hours, sometimes for up to two days at a time. Their experiences trigger depression, shame and fear. It was obvious that these women were traumatized; many of them reported that they felt depressed and powerless. As Frontline workers at the shelter, we often had to engage the women in productive and leisure activities in order to reduce isolation for fear that they may harm themselves. According to C.A. Courtois and J.D. Ford (2009) Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition that results from repeated trauma such as physical and emotional abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse. C-PTSD is said to be an injury from a prolonged interpersonal trauma in which the victim had no control.

Courtois and Ford went on to state that the methods that a perpetrator uses to establish domination over a victim vary. Some of these methods are: violence, isolation and the humiliation of victims. They argue that these m...

... middle of paper ...

...d health problems related to IPV.
4) To determine the extent to which formal and informal support systems address the counseling/therapeutic needs of victims of IPV from the viewpoint of counselors, service providers, and counselees.
5) To develop measures that can be used to evaluate actual counseling/therapy sessions, measures such as depression, anxiety, social interaction, self-esteem, emotional regulation and assertiveness.
6) To do a primary evaluation of the various approaches of the different programs and agencies offering some level of culturally appropriate services through field research and literature review.
7) To do comparative studies to highlight positive and/or negative consequences of the different approaches identified in initial steps.
8) To compile the common pitfalls in existing resources, services and counseling approaches for IPV survivors.

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