An Investigation And Gathering Facts That Can Make A Good Witness Essays

An Investigation And Gathering Facts That Can Make A Good Witness Essays

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Witnesses are extremely important to a case and gathering facts. There are many different things that can make a good witness. Some of these things are as listed. First of all I think the most important attribute that a witness must have is honestly. Cases can be corrupted if there are bad witnesses that aren’t telling the truth. Even though a witness is sworn under oath, that doesn’t stop some from giving false statements. A false statement can completely change the entire outcome of a case. Not only is lying under oath wrong it’s also illegal. Giving a false statement and lying under oath in known as perjury (England). Perjury is a serious crime within the court room, if someone is found guilty of committing perjury they could face up to five years in prison.
Another great attribute a witness should possess is keeping opinions out of the statement. Some cases that you have to testify at you might have a certain opinion about the case, but that opinion could completely opposite form the truth. It is not up to the witness to give their opinion on how they feel the outcome of the case should go. The only wat for a witness’s opinion to count is if they were an expert witness for the specific question at hand. The third thing that can make a good witness is not given any statements or opinions on things that you have no knowledge of. By talking about only things that the witness has knowledge of will reduce the risk for committing any perjury.
Another thing that makes a good witness is one that can often be overlooked. When under pressure people tend to talk quiet and softly which can make it hard to understand them or to misunderstand them. When being a witness it is very important to make sure you talk clearly and loud so everyon...

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...cial show or a different personality while testifying in court. The ten tips or attributes I’ve listed above are key to being a great witness most of them work off each other, but by doing all of them you can ensure that you’re the best witness possible.
The one video I watched was about an attorney talking about five key points to being a good witness. The five points he talked about were the same points that we talked about in class. The video was very helpful along with the things I learned in class. The source is listed below from YouTube. This video is one of the many that were out there with different tips and things to do and not to do as a witness. I believe that all of these tips and tricks will help me in my statements in the upcoming mock trial. They have taught me what exactly I need to focus on the most and how to be the most effective witness I can be.

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