An Introduction Of The Topic On Educational Freedom Essay examples

An Introduction Of The Topic On Educational Freedom Essay examples

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An Introduction of the Topic
Educational freedom is basically the freedom for the parents to choose what to teach their children and where they should attend schools. Which serves both religious and/ or moral education for the student. Parents strive to make their children the best that they can be and to provide the best resources for them. The parents and educators both would invest time and energy into the child and make sure they get the best education that is possible. With allowing parents to have the freedom to decide what school their child attends will allow for them to ensure that they are making sure the needs of their child are met. I am writing about this topic in particular because I believe the parents should have a say in what their child learns and when they want things to be taught to them at a certain age. I think this concerns the parents, teachers, community and administrators. What is expected out of this essay is to be informed on why it benefits the school, parents and students all at once. Social harmony would be the outcome of allowing freedom of education because if the parent chose what was being taught then there will no longer be issues on what is being taught. The educational freedom also includes freedom of religion and social wants and needs.
Historical Overview
Freedom of education has been a significant topic for many years, from as early as the 19th century (Gryphon and Meyer 2003) and in various forms, and in various parts of the world. For religious purposes and for social and educational needs. The freedom of education has not been yet approved for schools in America for they are based on the laws of the constitution. The history of educational freedom goes beyond Georgia and the U.S., as ...

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...ifficult case. But if the parents are able to choose some certain things such as moral values etc. then it would be a more recommended way to allow the parents to have some say. For thinking on the bigger picture and keeping the future in mind, the importance of education should continue. In all works the students are the ones that should be put first when making any sort of decision that is why the ideas should be passed through various forms of questions and processes. If the recommendations of allowing the parents to have some say in what they learn then the community as a whole would be benefited. Allowing the parents to decide what moral values their child should learn, there will be less conflict between the school board and parents. Freedom of education is an important topic to many, including myself, and I believe it should be considered in all of its forms.

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