An Introduction Of Ethics, Relativism Essay

An Introduction Of Ethics, Relativism Essay

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An Introduction to Ethics, Relativism
The standard of reasonableness that I identify with more is on the objective side. Being an objectivist is based off of how I was raised as a kid. I always knew that coming from a home where I was an only child for nine years, I would learn so many different lessons that kids who had siblings that were closer in age. My mom raised me to know that certain actions were right while others were wrong. At times, I wouldn’t agree with some of the things my mom, but I never lost sight of the objectivist approach. Even though, I never knew I thought like this, I always knew there was a reason for the way I did things. For example, fighting with the ones you love are wrong and voicing your opinions respectfully and assertively is something that’s right. Rationalism states that if there’s a reason for something and it’s valid, it must be true. My thought process is that this logically makes sense because of my objectivist approach. For example, writing a paper from general to specific logically makes sense because that’s how most people complete the process. Also, talking to my resources when I have a problem logically makes sense because I was taught that holding things in didn’t make anything better.

Rival Ethical Perspectives
Kant’s approach is that humans should do actions of moral worth which is done out of goodwill. This something I agree with because most of the things I do for people makes me happy because I’m not necessarily doing it for a reward. If I do receive a reward, I’m thankful, but that’s not my reasoning for helping people. I decide to help people out of the kindness of my heart. For example, when I come home for break, sometimes I volunteer at the food pantry at my church, not...

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...of the parents will not want to support the baby, which is why an abortion may be the best option. In most cases where women were raped, they don’t like to bring the baby into the world knowing that they were raped. John T. Noonan, Jr. argues against abortion because of the humanity of the fetus at the point of conception. Furthermore, there are nine steps to the process of carrying a baby to term: conception/fertilization, implantation (1-4wks), body parts (1 ½ months), heartbeat (2-2 ½ months), quickening (3 months), sharper reflexes (4 months), brain (5-6 months), viability (6 months), birth (8 ½-9 months). Mary Anne Warren, defends abortion. She distinguishes between two senses of the term “human being”: a genetic sense and a moral sense. In addition, Judith Jarvis Thomson argues, if a fetus has a right to life, it may still lack a right to use the mother’s body.

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