An Interview With Andrea Williams, Principal Of Elena Bunker Elementary School

An Interview With Andrea Williams, Principal Of Elena Bunker Elementary School

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Define Success
The information about this school’s organizational success was gathered in an interview with Andrea Williams, Principal of Theresa Bunker Elementary school. A vital way to make sure a school will become successful in achieving its goals is to have a leader that will strive to create an environment in which growth and success are not only evident, but highly encouraged. The leader this school has is one of those leaders. One definition of this type of leader is a “transformational leader [who] inspires others toward collaboration and interdependence as they work toward a purpose to which they are deeply committed” (Ubben, Hughes, & Norris, 2011). Consequently, this school has an eye on what it is that defines success for them. They work together and strive to find success in various ways as they work toward the ultimate goal of student achievement. Mrs. Williams elaborated on what exactly defines success for this school by saying that it comes down to data defines success (Williams, personal communication, 8/26/16). The school is proficient at looking at a variety of data to define where the successes are and how to improve areas where there is not as much success. The goals laid out in the district’s strategic plan guide the school to know what areas to focus on in defining success. The new district goals for the current school year are that students will be proficient in reading and math by 3rd grade and will be ready for college and career after high school. The data gathered to show success in these areas comes from various tests used in the school by all teachers.
These success indicators used by this school are the Response to Intervention Model, RTi in which 80% of students should be served by the t...

... middle of paper ...

...hrough the year to keep in the know about how the school is doing on working toward the goals mentioned in the vision and mission of the school and district. With data that is current, relevant and valid the school administration and faculty are able to work together to make decisions based on what is best for each child in the school. Mrs. Williams’s leadership style helps her to put the bigger picture together. She looks at all the pieces and then puts them all together to make decisions about how best to move the school forward. Feedback from the teachers and parents can also be a helpful tool. Without the support of the teachers and the district the school would not be able to be such trailblazers and innovators in moving this school towards making some choices that are not always the popular choice, but may be the right choice for them and their students.

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