An Interview With A Clinical Psychologist

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The Psychologists Act (2000) requires that all registered psychologists have adequate professional liability insurance within 30 days of receiving registration. The BMS Group is the main provider and insurance can be obtained through affiliation with the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) or the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia. The Mutual Recognition Agreement (2001) requires registered psychologists to demonstrate proficiency in at least five core competencies. To do so, applicants must provide documentation (e.g., transcripts, references, supervised experience) and after placement on the candidate register, the individual and supervisor must develop goals to improve candidate’s knowledge and skills in the core competency areas. Regular reports should be submitted to the Board to demonstrate the candidate’s progress and after providing sufficient documentation where the goals have been met, the candidate can take the oral examination for registration which will assess readiness for professional practice and understanding of ethical principles. An Interview with a Clinical Psychologist Dr. V grew up in Halifax, NS and started her educational path at Dalhousie University in the Neuroscience program hoping to one day become a doctor. She described her educational journey at Dalhousie university as intriguing, since she was exposed to areas she never thought would be interesting, one of them being psychology. She explained she always wanted to be a doctor, thus in her undergraduate years she volunteered in hospitals and doctors’ offices hoping to get a glimpse of what the profession had to offer. Dr. V was somehow disappointed to see that patients were only able to meet with their doctors for brief periods... ... middle of paper ... ...ho have suffered severe trauma and are learning how to cope with it. Dr. V received her registration earlier this year, after almost 8 years of doctoral studies. She mentioned it was a hard and long journey, but her case was unusual due to the conflicts she had with her first supervisor, as well as years taken off for research and two maternity leaves during the completion of her studies. Dr. V is happily married and has two kids, she works part-time in private practice and full-time in a health centre for rehabilitation in Halifax, NS. In the centre, she sees patients whose lives have recently been altered by illness diagnoses, strokes, and other disabilities. She helps her patients cope with the changes these conditions bring by providing them with CBT, psychotherapy, mindfulness, and sometimes group therapies where family members can receive help as well.
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