An Interview With A Client On Ethics Essay

An Interview With A Client On Ethics Essay

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How a professional should conduct themselves in an interview with a client on ethics because laws and policies are formed to protect the client and the professional. The crucial concern of a human relation professional is respecting the welfare, and dignity of the clients. The professional should present a genuineness, honesty, and promote self-determination when dealing with cultural diversity. The service that is offered to the client is to help and assist the client with positive goals, outcomes, and to enhance a better life style.
Human service professionals should by all means protect the client’s privacy and confidentiality, but if serious harm to the client and others aroused intervene the duty to warn. The client well-being should be first priority, and at all times be protected. Being in Human service the professional should be knowledgeable about their client’s cultures and beliefs, and multiculturalism in society. Having education, experience will ensure them the ability to help culturally diverse individuals.
The ability to perceive Self-awareness of oneself is a key part in moral choice making, since morals are more than a set of rules. With the reality that the professional can perceive emotions, feeling, and have empathy for the client’s endeavors. This will help the professional to intertwined with good ethical decision for the client (Pawlukewicz, 2013). If the Human service professionals are aware of their own beliefs, values and cultural backgrounds, they can recognize the importance of others backgrounds. This way they can competently provide a better service to their clients.
There are some factors a professional should take in consideration when conducting and interview with a client. Listening skills, ...

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...ent cultures. Professional will face confrontation in particular with ethical dilemmas with clients. The crucial concern of a human relation professional is respecting the welfare, and dignity of the clients. Remember confrontation has good moments when it’s clear and on the same page. When a client is ready and start to change from something to the best alternative. Bad confrontation is when a client is not willing to let go of the negativity.

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