Essay about An Interview On Criminal Justice

Essay about An Interview On Criminal Justice

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Form Intro to Criminal Justice class, the courtroom visits were incredible but, interviewing a criminal justice leader was my favorite task. After visiting police stations, courts, and police department for my interview paper, everyone was denying me saying get a permission letter and stuff. However, I found an officer at my workplace, who is our regular customer. It was very curious to gather information about a criminal justice leader. This interview helped me make a new friend; the officer was very friendly to me, as well as my co-workers. The officer’s name was Mike Hansen. It is surprising to know that police officers take time for public like, Officer Hansen gave me gave 15 minutes. I asked him a couple of questions which didn’t hassle him. He has been involved in this department since 2010; he has been having a great journey until now. He prefers to stay at the department he is working for now, which is near Holland tunnel. The way he was motivated to become a police officer is that he feels that any crime is hurtful to some or even in some cases, too many. Therefore, he decid...

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