An Interview At One Of The Disney Stores Essay

An Interview At One Of The Disney Stores Essay

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I am writing in regard to some company policy that was presented to me during an interview at one of the Disney Stores, the store and my identity I will be keeping anonymous to protect the workers there since they were doing their job. Now, I have not received word as to whether or not I get hired so this is not a letter of grievance over a rejection. In fact, this is a declaration of why I find the atmosphere some policies establish to be restricting and uninviting. The primary issue I found was the policies on appearance and professionalism. Yes, I have worked other jobs and understand that a company wants to pride itself on professional employees, however some restrictions you place are entirely out of date. Being that this is 2016, our society is becoming more progressive and increasingly accepting of the way people are and how they look. The following policies are a step backward for a company that creates stories and experiences of accepting others and loving yourself: Men do not have hair longer than a certain length, females should not have hair that is too short, Bow ties are very gender specific in that men wear them as their uniform, scarves are the appropriate neck attire for the women and, finally, this idea that men should not be wearing rings and women can only wear one. All of these policies, as I will explain below, are just oppressive and restrict the people you can have working for your company and disregard the work of thousands to try to gain humane treatment for who they are.
The length of one’s hair being a representation of a person’s sex has not been a relevant in my life at any point in time. Growing up there were boys with long hair, who were always recognized as still being male. Children did not quest...

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.... It was a place where everyone, regardless of appearance, was free from judgment because we realized how similar we were. The most magical aspect of all my Disney related experiences were built on this foundation of acceptance. When I am in line at a store or waiting for a ride, the person next to me is not someone I need to fear. Like me, they are a simple Disney fan and someone I can relate to. After some of the policies presented to me, I am really beginning to question whether these feelings and values I once associated with the company, were actually the working of the company. Reflecting now, guests tend to be the accepting ones. Cast members, who are just like the guests, are accepting. The only difference between the guest and the cast member is that the cast member fits some outdated definition of gender and beauty that can be associated with entertainment.

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