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An Interpretation of Jack Merridew Essays

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What are the aspects that separate civilization from savagery? Sir William Golding examines these aspects through his novel, The Lord of the Flies. The novel deals with children who have been stranded on an island after a plain crash. They are faced with problems such as keeping order amongst the group, and distribution of labor. The group is then faced with the conflict of leadership. Some are unhappy with the elected leader, choosing to undermine his authority. The primary member of this group is Jack Merridew- leader of the hunters. Golding uses both symbolism and allegories throughout the novel. A symbol is anything that has a meaning but also suggests another meaning. Whereas an allegory is an extended metaphor that uses a set of symbols in order to convey a deeper meaning. Golding uses both symbols and allegories throughout the novel in order to make the reader think more deeply about the concept. Every character that Golding created is meant to represent a greater message. One character, Jack represents the worst characteristics of civilization when not hindered or controlled by society. The use of allegory and symbolism in Jack helps to present the message that all humans have a dark side, and it is society’s rules that keep individuals from acting on their dark side.
Jack is an important character in the Freudian allegory because he represents the instinctual drive to satisfy basic needs. Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist who produced studies based in his own psychoanalysis. Freud created a structural model of the psyche, breaking it up into three divisions. These three divisions became known as the id, the ego, and the superego. Jack from The Lord of the Flies represents the id division of the psyche. From...

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...the dark side that exists in all humans will emerge. Golding’s primary message from The Lord of the Flies is just that, all humans are capable of evil, but society inhibits these evils. Jack epitomizes this concept as he is originally shown as a choirboy, a title given to him by adults. But as the story progresses, and he becomes more and more distant from society, Jack changes. He begins to show more connections to the id or instinctual behaviors. Golding is also insinuating that mankind will begin to disintegrate over time. As war, and even climate shift occur, and civilization becomes more and more distant; mankind will go into a state of id, not having to obey societies rules, expelling the superego. Golding uses The Lord of the Flies to convey a variety of different symbols and allegories, which makes the novel one of the most influential novices ever written.

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