An Internship With Montgomery County 's Department Of Mental Hygiene Essay

An Internship With Montgomery County 's Department Of Mental Hygiene Essay

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On May 25th 2016 I officially started an internship with Montgomery County’s Department of Mental Hygiene. The department consists of one hard working woman named Sara Borenko who was my supervisor and boss throughout this internship. One of the main duties of Sara’s job is the funding of community programs that are aimed towards helping the mental health community. In fall 2015 I took a class called Community Psychology and while working at this internship; I applied what I had learned from that class and used it to my advantage. Some of the lessons I applied included social oppression, community organizing, stress and coping, and emotional support. Before taking this internship, I didn’t realize how much my county had to offer as for services. I’m inspired by the community and its strides towards helping the mentally ill. I’ve learned a lot during this internship. I’ve gained experience in the field, I’ve grown a broader understanding of the people receiving help-both negative and positive, and I’m thrilled my journey towards helping others has begun.
The Montgomery County Department of Mental Hygiene has nine different contracts in which it funds. Each of these programs offers mental health services to the county and works with the community. The nine contracts Montgomery County funds are, St. Mary’s Mental Health and Alcohol services, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), HFM Prevention Council, Mental Health Association of Fulton and Montgomery Counties, Catholic Charities of Fulton and Montgomery Counties, Liberty, Capital District Respite, and SPOA (Single Point Of Access). The Montgomery County Department of Mental Hygiene also works with the Courts for Kendra’s Law or the Assisted Outpatient Services (AOT). These...

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...with his sister with result of their parents passing away a year ago. On top of taking care of the young man, their other sister was severely mentally retarded as well. The care taking sister switched overnight from being a sister to their mother. My ignorance in the field showed when I felt that the sister was doing the right thing by disciplining the brother when he would become violent and not give in to his bad behavior. The professionals around me explained that this motherly role isn’t her’s to take. Because of the pressure she has put herself in, she can no longer handle taking care of her brother. Starting to hate him and his behaviors, she was lost as to what to do. Unable to live on his own completely and unable to afford someone to take care of him, the sister turned to MHA, Liberty, his therapist at St. Mary’s Hospital and other related services for help.

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