An Internship Site I Had No Experience Essay

An Internship Site I Had No Experience Essay

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When my search began for an internship site I had no experience in the social work profession. I had some professional experience in a half-way house for men and believed my professional future would be in some form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. With limited experience I was not only concerned about the availability of potential sites but also the ability to interview well with limited experience. When I first met my internship counselor she assured me a placement would occur. We connected on a few occasions and she suggested potential sites would be calling but the phone remained silent. With the beginning of the semester rapidly approaching I grew worried. I finally received a call for an interview with The Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry (SHCFP), and Ms. Claire Burbea. During the interview I made it clear I had no experience with food pantries, no direct knowledge of the Jewish Religious principles, and no experience with social work. She was gracious and accepted the challenge of teaching me the profession from the ground up. From the first day until the present she has been supportive, patient, and most of all an excellent teacher and mentor.
The staff and volunteers at the SHCFP had been very friendly, supportive, and willing to assist with the most basic questions. The social workers at the pantry fill a number of roles not only in direct support to the pantry operation but also assistance to the client base outside of the delivery of food. I have been filling as a shopper’s assist and stocking the pantry. This has provided valuable “face” time for with the shoppers. I am able to experience first-hand the cultural, economic, and racial diversity that comprises the population.
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I will gather more detailed knowledge of the Kosher and Hallal practices, and the societal trends and demographics of those requiring the services of the food pantry. I will at the same time become familiar with the social service delivery model in use at the SHCFP. I will also become competent serving the population of refugees, asylees, and seniors who make up a large portion of the JF&CS service network.
I will better utilize the supervision of Ms. Claire Burbea in my day to day work in the SHCFP, and apply the case work to my emerging role as a 1st year MSW student. Last I will treat everyone associated with JF&CS, clients, shopper, co-workers, and visitors with the dignity all humans deserve.
From the beginning my field experience has been exceedingly valuable. It has broadened my horizons and helped me narrow my focus for the next phase of my education.

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