An Internship Program Within The Criminal Justice System Essay

An Internship Program Within The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Internships completed by students in certain degree programs are quite popular in most colleges and universities. An internship is used so classroom based learning in a degree program can be applied to practical situations in the real world (Jordan, Burns, Bedard & Barringer, 2007). When students are placed with an agency, there is a real possibility that a portion of students will witness actions they believe is unethical or illegal. During a study conducted within four universities, many students that participated in an internship program within the criminal justice system reported that they had observed behavior they suspected to be illegal behavior for a law enforcement agency. (Jordan et al. 2007). Due to this ongoing problem, colleges as well as specific agencies assisting students in learning how to handle inappropriate situations in a proper manner (Jordan et al. 2007).
Educators of students who wish to complete internships are commonly concerned as to how their student will react when exposed to unethical and inappropriate behavior. A surprising 87 percent of criminal justice programs offer internships to their students (Jordan et al.2007). Though there are multiple studies suggesting there is a lack of practical education a student learns from the experience, 29-37 percent of criminal justice programs require official internships to complete the program (Jordan et al. 2007). The goal of an internship is so the student has a broad understanding of the operations in the desired field of study as well as practical knowledge of the system to which can be exchanged for college credit. When unethical behavior is witnessed in the workplace, students need to be trained on how to handle these situations (Jordan et al. 2007).

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...cific requirements for their agency. Having an equal amount of education in the requirements for both systems could potentially give the student confidence in reporting potentially illegal activities to an authority figure which will decrease the amount of unreported activities
I think that students need to be properly informed of their rights to report ethical issues they witness while accomplishing an internship in the criminal justice system. Education about the ways to handle inappropriate actions within the specific agency will hopefully raise the chances of reported misconduct and decrease the chances of such situations occurring. Though there is not enough evidence to suggest any benefits gained from completion of an internship, I believe that the experience is necessary to understand the actual operations and situations that are faced in departments daily.

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