An Institutional Approach On Marriage Provides More Security Essay

An Institutional Approach On Marriage Provides More Security Essay

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An institutional approach to marriage provides more security
“‘Til death do us part,” a vow couples often make as they begin their lifelong journey, is telling of the predicted longevity of their commitment. However, many do not approach marriage with a mindset that will increase their odd of marital success. Some approach marriage looking for a soulmate, while others approach marriage looking for a partner that will support as well as a person to be with for the rest of their lives. Although the two can overlap sometimes, one yields better results than the other.
Fostering a successful marriage requires limiting the risk factors of divorce when choosing a spouse. For example, Couples who have had multiple partners are more likely to get divorced, therefore those who have cohabitated or been married multiple times have a higher chance of divorce. Another factor that predicts divorce likelihood is the type of family the spouse grew up in. If he or she grew up in non intact households then the spouse is more likely to divorce as well: “If your parents were divorced, you’re at least 40 percent more likely to get divorced than if they weren’t. If your parents married others after divorcing, you’re 91 percent more likely to get divorced”(Rufus, 2010). Not to mention, couples who have intercourse before establishing a relationship or early in their relationship do not do as well. This can be due to the pace or the relationship of the concept of ‘sliding not deciding’. In addition the age at which each spouse chooses to marry has a correlation with the possible divorce rate: 30.8 percent of women and 23.1 percent of men who married before age 24 split(177--Premarital sex in america). There are many factors that increase a person’s cha...

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...such a monumental effect that it should be avoided and the last result. Aside from all the negative effects and correlation, many divorce children do turn out alright, but why risk a child’s chance of happiness and success when as a parent you can just have a more stable marriage.
If not to approach marriage in order to avoid negative effects of divorce, approach marriage for the benefits of each spouse. For example, men are more likely to live longer and have better health. And women are more likely to ….
The recurring idea is that the way in which a couple approaches marriage can increase the security as well as likely that they will not get divorce. Marriage has so many benefits, while divorce has many consequences. one must act a certain way
Couples that pursue an institutional relationship model are less likely to divorce
People go into a relationship

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