Essay on An Inside Look at Uruguay

Essay on An Inside Look at Uruguay

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Latin America has a history of political turmoil from multiple coup d’etats within countries and hostility between neighboring countries. This fighting amongst countries comes from the recent independence from many of its European colonizers and lack of infrastructure politically.Latin America has come a long way since the independence of its last country from Spanish rule, although progress has been made Latin America is still a continent in development and does need legitimate political infrastructure. One of the Latin American countries creating a secure and equitable political system is Uruguay.

Uruguay has been a country under development since its independence since 1828 and is glorified for its undertaking of the left wing political system. Like many other leftist Latin American countries Uruguay has had a multiple military coup d’etats and was under military rule until 1985.Uruguay has since developed a social democratic alternative that has raised the standard of living for the everyday person and brought equality to the citizens of Uruguay. Uruguay has been called the Switzerland of Latin America due to its advanced implications on education and social laws. (BBC) Since the development of this democratic alternative Uruguay has been gaining a higher ranking each year on the Global Peace Index;giving other Latin American countries a position to stride for, but how has Uruguay’s social democratic alternative assisted it in developing into a model country for Latin America according to the Global Peace Index? Uruguay’s political transformation has made it increasingly successful on the Global Peace Index due to the progress in socio-historical evolution, economic maturity, and political development in the recent...

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