An Inside Look at the History and Product Lines of General Hydroponics Essay example

An Inside Look at the History and Product Lines of General Hydroponics Essay example

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As a gardener, wouldn’t you love to find a line of products that would provide the following?
• Higher yields than traditional, soil-based agriculture.
• Food grown and consumed in areas of the world that cannot support crops in the soil.
• Elimination of massive pesticide.

If so, then this article is for you! Take an inside look at the history and product lines of General Hydroponics; a company that is always improving growth results in plants and vegetables.

Overview of General Hydroponics

In 1978, Lawrence Brooke founded General Hydroponics. What was Brooke’s inspiration for his first hydroponic system? Simply, it was a mountain stream and the thriving plants beside it that encouraged him to build his first prototype.
Today, located in Sonoma County, CA, General Hydroponics sits on ten acres, and consists of a warehouse and production factory measuring 45,000 square feet, complete with a state-of-the-art industrial space, including a multi-million dollar greenhouse roof top. Located inside is a wide array of plants and vegetables, used for testing systems and nutrients. Loca...

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