An Inside Look at Animal Experimentation Essay

An Inside Look at Animal Experimentation Essay

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Does everyone remember their very first animal? Remember the puppy’s sweet and perfect eyes, the kitten’s soft and comforting “meow”, or perhaps even a hamster and their playful and enthusiastic personality? These loving, innocent, precious animals are used daily on animal experimentation. With each and every chemical-related product produced, experimentation is required before being released into stores; unfortunately, these tests are typically performed on blameless animals. However, just because testing of a particular product on an animal results positive, does that undoubtedly mean the results will be equivalent for humans? For instance, cigarette smoking was once considered “safe” because types of cancer associated with smoking are practically impossible to duplicate in non-human beings, such as animals (Tobacco and Animal Experiments). Surprisingly not only does cigarette smoking cause approximately 443,000 deaths each year, it causes 49,000 deaths per year from solitary second-hand smoke (Free Help). Nevertheless, this demonstrates that merely because animals are not affected in the use of tobacco (or any other substance), human bodies can still be harmed; though, animals are still being harmed in this process along with several other tests. Not anymore, say goodbye to animal experimentation! Every day, more and more people realize the harm these animals are bearing and also believe it is time to put this inhumane act to an end! This cruel action will soon be overthrown by educating the public on this poor act along with scientists creating even more alternatives to animal testing.
Every year, over one-hundred million animals are killed in American laboratories due to biology lessons, medical training, curiosity-drive...

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