An Innate Quality Of Human Beings

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It is an innate quality of human beings to assume. We assume traffic will be horrendous, so we leave the house twenty minutes early. We assume it is going to rain, so we pack an umbrella. We assume that the barista at Starbucks knows how we like our coffee, so we don’t think to elaborate, and then inevitably kick ourselves for it later. Humans are prone to assumptions. They are what make the world turn and they are what keeps the planets aligned. Our lives are a string of tiny assumptions woven together into a giant tapestry. However, seldom do we assume that one day we will no longer be around to make assumptions. Rarely do we assume that one breath will eventually be our last, that one morning in bed will be the ultimate, and that the poetic philosophy of our confusing lives will reach the final act and close its curtains. We choose to think that those we love are immortal gods, selected by the universe to wander the Earth even after there is no Earth. Scarcely do we consider the possibility of losing them. Kamilluh’s essay stood out to me. As someone who is disturbingly fascinated by the concept of death, I found it so strange that her shattered assumption was the idea that someone who she admired so greatly could be taken from her. Kamilluh never thought that someone as vibrant as her cousin Mahogany could die. She never considered the possibility that there could be an Earth without a Mahogany. The two went hand in hand for her. It wasn’t until Kamilluh was in the presence of her beloved cousin’s corpse that her construct of life and death collapsed. She realized that no one 's life is poetry. No one’s life is a John Hughes movie where the everything ends in a glorious, triumphant fist punch and the characters live in a purg... ... middle of paper ... ... with shattered assumptions. It rains when the forecast says to expect sun, the barista adds one sugar instead of two, construction on the highway will always make you late to work, and people who deserve to live forever die too soon. This is fine. The wonderful thing about being human is that we are allowed to change our assumptions. We can believe something one day and something else entirely the next. We adapt, we grow, and we change every day. It doesn’t matter if our assumptions are fractured. What matters is how we learn from these fractures. We can choose to let them corrupt us, allow them to prevent us from ever assuming again. Or, we can let them in and be open to the beautiful notion that we are not static. Kamilluh is allowed to be hurt by her shattered assumption, but never should that stop her from moving forward. Life is far too short to be temporary.
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