An Inherently Motivated, Self Directed And Active Learner Essay

An Inherently Motivated, Self Directed And Active Learner Essay

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An intrinsically motivated, self-directed, active learner takes initiative, is self-motivated, is comfortable with independence, has a high degree of curiosity, has a strong desire to learn or change, is self-confident, is able to use basic study skills, is able to organize their time wisely, sets an appropriate pace for learning, develops a plan for completing work, has a tendency to be goal-oriented, is capable of self-discipline, is persistent, accepts responsibility, views problems as challenges, not obstacles and enjoys learning. (Cobb, 2013) These are all essential parts of being an intrinsically motivated, self-directed and active learner.
Learning is a lifelong journey because there is so much history, so much to learn about everything around us or around the world and there is also so much to discover about the future. It is important to be a lifelong learner because of how fast the world is changing. As the world changes, in order to keep up with it, we must be able to adapt by taking charge of our learning, by taking responsibility to organize time, a plan and a place...

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