An Information Security Of The Field Of Technology Essay

An Information Security Of The Field Of Technology Essay

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A Career in Cybersecurity

In the modern world, almost everyone has a computer whether it is in their pocket or on

their desk at home. Passwords might protect our electronic devices; however hackers have found

ways to get around these barriers to steal private and personal information not only from average

citizens but also the government and large corporations. This is where information security

analysts step in to protect our information that, if fallen into the wrong hands, can cause serious

issues. The road to becoming an information security analyst takes a lot of hard work and

training to become skilled enough to defend against attacks. Threats can happen anytime and

anywhere so these people must be ready to defend when needed. So how do they deal with these

threats? With a world driven by technology, there are bound to be breaches to our cybersecurity.

Careers in the field of technology are highly qualified jobs that take time to learn. In

order to become an information security analyst, a bachelor’s degree in computer science,

programming or engineering is required to obtain a job (“Information Security Analysts”).

However, field experience is also highly recommended because it takes a lot practice to become

proficient at this kind of job. After obtaining a degree in cybersecurity, information security

analysts can find job opportunities in the government. Everyday governments in other countries

are trying to obtain sensitive information to gain an upper hand (Wee). It is the responsibility of

information security analysts to respond to these attacks and make sure the information trying to

be stolen, stays safe. There are also job opportunities available at large companies that contain


... middle of paper ...

being stolen. These threats aim to cause destruction and ensure chaos whether it is on a family or

a country’s government. This is where information security analysts step in to protect the data

that we deem valuable. Each day hackers are finding new ways to break past security and each

day information security analysts are working to reinforce that security. In this digital age there

will only be a growing number of threats to our cybersecurity. Due to this fact, more companies

are requesting the aid of information security analysts to keep their valuable data safe from the

hands of hackers. This career only stands to grow because the more that time passes; the more

we start to rely on technology. The more we rely on technology, the more opportunities there

will be for hackers to attack. This vicious cycle is what will keep the need for information

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