An Industrial Worker At The Mccormick Harvester Essay

An Industrial Worker At The Mccormick Harvester Essay

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First let’s start by discussing the history Haymarket. Being an industrial worker during this time was an extremely taxing job. Wages were low, work days were long, and working conditions were dangerous. Due to all of these factors strikes were defiantly not uncommon. On May 3rd a strike at the McCormick Harvester Works in Chicago took place. The police ended up firing into the crowd, killing four people and wounding many more. In response to this incident on May 4th about 1,000 (but due to the rain only a few hundred stayed) laborers met in Haymarket square for what was suppose to be a peaceful protest. As the meeting was wrapping up a bomb was thrown into a crowd of police. Chaos erupted and the meeting soon turned savage; seven police ended up dying and shots were fired again into the crowd killing several protestors and wounding more. There was no evidence about who threw the bomb and police arrested eight anarchist leaders. Ultimately they were sentenced to death even though they most likely didn’t commit the crime and the violence continued. Now on to the topic of homestead. In 1892 manager Henry Clay Frick of the Carnegie Steel plant decided to reduce the worker’s wages. Frick then began revving up production demands and laying off entire work forces. In response 3,000 workers met and voted for a strike which ended up taking over the town. Law enforcement soon realized they could not stop the angry strikers. Pinkerton guards then attempted to step in causing a full blown battle and ending with seven deaths and the surrender of the guards. The state finally stepped in after a few days and brought in militia which ended with the arrest of strike leaders and fellow strikers. The reason why this strike was not successful was b...

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...s the need for racial unity in farming which both sides seemed to want. Unity among the groups started to be seen in the ballots which resulted in some blacks being elected in North Carolina and black delegates in Georgia’s third party conventions. Also literacy tests intended to keep the black community from voting started to effect whites in poorer communities like farming as well. Both races again were in the same situation facing the same issues. Even though the previous stated things helped seal white and black farmer relations, the thing that can really be contributed to cooperation was the Populist movement in the south. It became clear that farmers and their workers held the same position in society. During the populist movement both blacks and whites clearly shared the same grievances. What hurt the white farmers hurt the black farmers as well and vise versa.

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