An Individuals Resistance to Change Essay

An Individuals Resistance to Change Essay

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An Individuals Resistance to Change

Throughout the years the world has experience change. In the last five years we have seen drastic change within our country. In 2007 we elected our first African American as president. The technology world has change, almost every electronic we use now are touch screens. Everything outside of the work place has been adapting to change, but can the employees in the workplace adapting to change.

Organizations has become more popular in the workplace rather than the other alternatives. Even though it may related with a crisis, the most powerful companies has to face the need for change. Being able to move different directions and to enhance the functioning of a group can be one of the most competencies of a business organization. Organizations have become a lot more complex to any event that happens in the work environment due to the intricacy of the business markets.
Though there has been numerous amount of issues cause organizations to change such as the growth in technology, shrinking role of administrators in the business life and globalization are some of the main issues that require companies to go over the way they conduct business The active nature of the business environment inspires the customers thoughts on products and services of all kind. Flexible organizations need to be able to comprehend shifting demands, which will implement the new strategies well.

Internal and External 1
The skilled manager has to apply the skills deliberated already, and examines the internal and external environments. Information is collected on both internal and external styles. Morals, objectives and activities are looked over to make sure they match the customer's wants and needs...

... middle of paper ...

...organization. By reducing the wait times this would allow more time for other customers to get there haircut.
A solution for the resistance plan would be using Kotters theory. One strategy to overcome resistance to change is education and communication. This means giving enough information and ensuring the change is clearly communicated to those affected. Resistance to change can be overcome by participation and involvement. Resistance is lower when those affected by change participate in its planning and implementation
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