An Individual With Good Mental Health Organization Essay

An Individual With Good Mental Health Organization Essay

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According to World Health Organization, “An individual with good mental health is able to realize his or her own abilities, cope with the stress of everyday life, work productively and contribute to the Community.” Where on the other hand marriage is defined as a state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law and social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision of living together with legal commitment and religious ceremonies (Watkins. A.J 2013). Both of them have a big influence over each other and are affected by each other (Ostwald J.A, 2009)
To my view marriage contributes to a healthier society, building up a separate unit called family which is at the same time part of the society as a whole. This serves society by its children, by labor of its members and through other aspects. It provides keeping of traditions and continues generations promoting cultural aspect of society. Therefore, regarded as pillar to the society. Goesling.B & Avellar.S (2010) state marriage to contribute to an individual’s emotional and social benefits in all aspects thus contributing its part in physical wellbeing as well. Regardless of the fact, marriage is considered to be not meant for Psychiatric patients considering them not capable of taking responsibilities, dangerous for the spouse and lacking of their self-identity, adding it to their social stigma (Gray.J.A 2011)
On my clinical rotation to Karachi Psychiatric Hospital, I was assigned to interview a 42 year old lady diagnosed as Schizophrenic paranoid with symptoms of aggressiveness, hallucinations, somatic delusions, irritability and self-talk. Upon interaction she appeared re...

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...nstitutions and rehabilitation centers should be built within community, where they can spend their day working out with their creativities. Hospital level promotion includes unit and staff level changes, unit staff should follow therapeutic way of communication with such clients, pointing out strengths in them. Pakistan currently does not policy regarding marriage of psychiatric patient but in future policies should be included.
To conclude it is important to realize the potential need of every person for a companion, the intimate love one needs in life. According to Carl Rogers this is human’s basic nature of an “innate need of warmth and acceptance from the significant others.” Each and every one has a right to have partner, and declaring a person not mentally fit and therefore, not allowing the person to get married makes the person more prone to mental illness.

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