An Individual 's Sense Of Identity Essay

An Individual 's Sense Of Identity Essay

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An individual’s sense of identity is remarkably complex and quite knowingly influenced by many factors throughout their lifetime. The traumatic and challenging experiences that these children had to endure, such as rape and abuse have had an immense impact upon their sense of identity during their lifespan. Taking children away from their homes and land was considered a charitable deed, but only to the people who were taking or sending them away. These children had no way of preparing for what was to come ahead and how much their simple lives would change. Each factor in these children’s lives such as every single person that they have come into contact with and every single good and bad thing that has happened to them, they will always remember it. These children have been emotionally and psychologically shattered due to the deprivation, torment and rape as a result of their innocence and trust. The moment that these children were taken is the moment they lost their childhood. (Have to put my thesis here but I don’t know what to write)
The stolen generations are numerous groups of Aboriginal children that were taken away from their families by the governments, churches and welfare bodies so that they could be brought up in institutions or fostered out into white families. Beginning in the 1830’s and ending in the early 1070’s, many children were taken from their families in an attempt to eradicate the Aboriginal race and culture. The Australian government’s policy and practice of removing the Aboriginal children from their families was put into practice during that time period. Removing children from their families was considered official government policy in Australia until 1969. However, the practice had begun in ...

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... improving the welfare and lives of the Aboriginal and British migrant’s through better living conditions was never given any real consideration. Though most of the British migrants were orphans and still had families the government could have initially helped out those families so that they would have had the chance to be able to keep their children. Child migration from Britain was intended to rid Britain’s problem of unwanted children and reboot the white population of Australia. Since attaining the child migrants Australia has used them for free labor and whatever else they had wanted from them. For both Aboriginals and British migrants their identity as innocent children has been forcibly taken away from them and they will never be able to get back what was once lost.(Anything you could add to this to make it more understanding or just to end it would be great)

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