An Individual 's Risk Of Victimization Essay

An Individual 's Risk Of Victimization Essay

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An individual’s risk of victimization can have a great deal to do with their own personal traits. These traits can include age, gender, race, social status, and relationship status (Siegel, Brown, & Hoffman, 2013, pg. 54). The chances of becoming a victim are at their highest at the age range of 18-25. This is because people in that age group tend to go out with friends, drink, and overall become a more available target, whereas younger and older people tend to stay inside more and thus are no as convenient targets. Being a certain gender doesn’t increase or lower one’s chances of becoming a victim but, rather influences which types of crime the individual will fall victim to. Males are more likely to be assaulted or robbed, while females are more the focus of sexual assault and personal theft (Siegel et al., 2013, pg. 54). Race is also a factor in an individual’s chance of victimization because of the existence of racism, which can lead to hate crimes. People of racial minorities can be at greater risk for assault, property damage and other crimes that show peoples distaste for the person. They are more personal attacks. Like gender, social status also changes the type of crime of is more probable to fall victim to. The wealthy are targeted for their valuables and are more likely to have problems with theft. The poor don’t have the same appeal to thieves but they do tend to live in more low income areas, which as more susceptible to violent crimes such as sexual or physical assault. The last trait is relationship status. People who are dating or married are less likely to be targeted because they are alone less often, whereas single people are easier to attack because they are more easily found alone.
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...ty they are more likely to harm themselves or be victimized by others than be the aggressors (Siegel et al., 2013, pg. 105). Social learning theorists believe that even though mental or physical traits might predispose a person toward violence, it is the environment around them that activates their inclinations to think and act violently (Siegel et al., 2013, pg. 106). Some people are more susceptible to participating in criminal activity due to the environment they are in or grew up in. Those that are homeless or living in poor neighborhoods might feel like they have to steal in order to survive to survive. This decision isn’t influenced by a person’s genetics or physical/ mental development, but on the circumstances surrounding that person at the time. The same person that is stealing to stay alive never have stolen a thing in their life if they had had more money.

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