An Individual 's Life That Plays A Role For Social, Economics, Physical, And Environmental Determinants Of

An Individual 's Life That Plays A Role For Social, Economics, Physical, And Environmental Determinants Of

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There are many different factors that take place in an individual’s life that plays a role in how they live. It is important to be familiar with those factors that are found in the communities, because those factors can either be causing good health or harm to individuals (WHO, 2016). This paper will discuss the factors contributing to social, economics, physical, and environmental determinants of health in a community known as, Vista Alegre.
Social Determinants
Social determinants include factors, which involve an individual’s health condition pertaining to their way of living (Healthy People 2020, 2016). The conditions in where individuals are born, live, go to school, worship, participate in activities, should all be considered when discussing the quality of life an individual has (Healthy People 2020, 2016). The residents of Vista Alegre must meet specific requirements in order to live there. An individual must to be a senior citizen who is over the age of 65 and falls into a specific earnings bracket (Mercy Housing, 2016). Mercy housing was initially built to create homes for individuals who could not afford an apartment or house due to high costs (Mercy Housing, 2016). The residents of Mercy Housing have the opportunity to be involved in events and activities held by the director/ managers of the living spaces. These activities help bring the residents together in the community to help build relationships and enjoy their life. This is necessary because it is hard, due to low budget, for the residents to leave the property and participate in activities for their entertainment. Not being able to go out and visit friends or family causes individuals to be lonely, which is a problem especially since they have no control over it...

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...on. The residents of Vista Alegre, are sometimes left with no choice but to walk to the grocery store. This does not sound unhealthy, but Arizona’s high temperatures do tend to dehydrate people quicker. The neighborhood is not safe either because there is no public safety available. There are not any light posts either, which can create a dark environment. The Vista Alegre housing are not gated and this prevents the residents from feelings safe in their own home.
Many communities like Vista Alegre, lack resources that are necessary to live a healthy life due to the social, economic, physical, and environmental determinants. These determinants could have a great impact on an individual’s quality of health. With that being said, it is essential to distinguish exactly what they are in order to initiate changes that could potentially increase an individual’s health.

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