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An Individual Life Essay

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​In daily basis of an individual life can relate to psychology based on how we conduct ourselves along with others by interacting in a social environment and be able to comprehend the behaviors of others and how they act in a certain way. On the other hand, how we think cognitively by interpreting and using our own personal beliefs and thoughts in our own unique perspective towards one another.
​The Psychoanalytic theory was created by Sigmund Freud, who believes a developed human mind is unconscious which means we are not fully aware of our own mental processes such as desires, motives and memories that cannot be available to one’s awareness. On the other hand, the id can relate to the unconscious level because it only desires what feels good in sexual such as pleasure, physically and emotionally. On the preconscious level that is entering the superego personality structure that can show what is right and moral. In other words, is a level where is influenced by parents who raised their children that can teach what is right and wrong to prevent any type of consequences and deviant behaviors. On the conscious level, which is the ego where it make peace and balanced between the superego and id that represents to reason and good sense.
​ The Social Cognitive Theory was proposed by Albert Bandura, who emphasizes learning, and development. According to learning, we acquire new knowledge, behaviors and comprehension such as observing the behavior of others that influence our own behavior and act in a certain way towards another whether is rewarding or punishment. For instance, one of my family members who is my cousin has been married for eight years and she is experiencing verbally and physical abuse from her husband whenever he engage...

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... Humanistic Theory because it can relate to everyday’s life based on how a person can manage their own perception and embrace who they are as an acceptance of their personality. On the other hand, what is more interesting is fully-functioning person that exemplify the differences between high self-esteem that are congruence and low self-esteem that are incongruence. These two different fluctuating self-esteems can describe the positive and negative influences by others based upon how they were raised in an environment by a significant others that can develop a positive or negative effect. For instance, suppose a child were raised by a single parent who is an alcoholic and the parent neglect the child by not giving affectionate love and is always abusing verbally. The child is more likely to grow with an incongruence due to experiencing rejection of love and attention.

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