An Indian That Puts On Shoes Essay

An Indian That Puts On Shoes Essay

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“An Indian that puts on shoes , he stops to be an indian(131).” Latin America is inclusive racially. A society can be inclusionary is its hierarchical if people are different distinct form one another , there is something that you can include.
is a society is static, and there is no chance in the vertical relationship between people, its not inclusionary. Caste system -hierarchical not inclusionary when there are things like Jim Crow, One Drop Rule, cannot have that social mobility.
If an Indian that learns Spanish , and puts on shoes seizes to be an Indian= there you can change and also there is more social mobility.
I have huge pre justice about indigenous people, they are lazy bumps on the log
but wow! Look at this guy he`s literate
In Big traumatic Times groups of people may be able to have greater mobility, you have greater mobility you can overcome biology of your preconceived ideas though.Page 113. How we think- Social mobility is a good thing, opportunities for people , people can go from being common to less common.

What are stereotypes? Generalization, ideal type of person. that not everyone will participate in. Characterizing different types of people to make since of the world. It is a way of thinking , and a way to help someone analyze things “We are a noble people” “necessary for organizing people” “Caudillaje Civilization’s Rational Virtues,”

Macho; What people call themselves
Who is a macho? A macho finds himself as a protector of women. Referring to the reading, the Latin Americans (if there is such a thing), the author is referring to Latin Men.
Latinos? This is not the term that the people have used or use to describe themselves. They identify themselves as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Argentin...

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...enter of your society. You are what other people make you out to be, more than what other people think you are. In a protestant culture, you can take control of yourself, and have a meaningful life. In Catholicism you cannot. Christianity- Souls, baptism, hybrid
“The Heritage of Latin America”
Favorite- Inclusivity and Exclusivity , role of Catholicism in Latin American History, the hierarchy within latin America. The Republican based rule, who were exclusive and has a lot of racism. A Catholic Civilization stagnates when it is not in vital contact with the diverse tribes and cultures of mankind.(177) . The incorporation of
People from the Protestant culture , feel like they have the ability to shape their lives. Protestant beliefs people can do this all on their own. It is more about that specific persons relationship with Christ.

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