An Independent Living Program At Orangewood Youth Center Essay

An Independent Living Program At Orangewood Youth Center Essay

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Participant Observation
For the agency I chose to visit, I chose an Independent Living Program at Orangewood Youth Center. I found this agency important for the assistance of youth into independent living. This agency seemed like it would be an important one to look into to know what resources are available to youth in my community. What happens to teens after they are emancipated? How do they deal with the realities of adulthood when they are still teens? What happens to youth coming out of foster care? This agency is a beneficial resource in helping youth transition into adulthood by having someone assist them through the challenges adulthood may bring. While thinking about my transition into adulthood, having my parents’ guidance was definitely beneficial to help me adjust and learn knowing I had a support system behind me. To think of teens being thrown out into adulthood with no knowledge of where to go or what to do is an intimidating and scary transition. I liked how this agency prepares youth with brighter futures than they may expect for themselves, and having a support system to guide them along this transition.
This agency is relevant for future clients because I do want to work in the foster care system one day, and the process of this independent living program would be effective when the child is older and ready to transition into adulthood. This is an effective resource for them to take advantage of so they can find a support system to help them along the way. Any youth transitioning onto living on their own needs guidance and skills to make the most of their future, and that is what I liked about this agency the most, they provie skills for the youth to create brighter futures for their lives. This is a h...

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...h people from the Asian community and Muslim community to give them a perspective from others in the culture. These trainings are beneficial to contribute to the continual learning of other cultures and growing empathy towards others.
I also asked her what is the most difficult challenge of her profession, and she expressed that helping resistant youth is the hardest challenge. This sounded like the most frustrating part of her job because her hope is to reunify kids with the family and help those who are lost. She sees many teens every day, and she has seen many situations, so she knows how it will play out for those who are resistant and not wanting help. This saddens her because she does really want to help teens with whatever services they need or reuniting them with the family, but this is difficult when the teen does not want to have anything to do with her.

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