Essay An Incident at Social Security Hospital

Essay An Incident at Social Security Hospital

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This incident happens in Social Security Hospital Lahore on my clinical day on 20th Feb 2014 in medical ward. A 58yrs old lady was sitting on the bed no 08. She was looking very tense and worried. She presented with complaint of chest burning and pain, her medical diagnose was Gastroesopheagel reflux disease (is a condition in which the stomach contents leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus). She came here after getting treatment from different hospitals. This hospital was of her last hope. At 9am consultant came and checked her and discharged her for endoscopy (Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to examine a person's digestive tract) which she already had. Doctor in charge of that patient did not properly communicate to the patient why he wanted repetition of the test. That test was expensive and patient was poor. She cannot afford such expensive test again. The patient and her family members were very worried and tense. Even the nurse on duty misbehaved them and did not listen them when the patient and her family member asked for help.
I feel very bad as no one educate and counsell the patient that why she had to repeat the same test. She was thinking that her disease is cureless and doctors want to let her out. I feel sympathy for the patient and her family members as they were very innocent and uneducated. . They were belong to a very poor family and did not afford more expensive test.
Communicating effectively with patients and families is a keystone of providing quality health care. Patients, who understand their providers are not accepting their health problems, do not understand their treatment option feel increas...

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...ot only the psychological, but also socio-cultural, environmental and politico-economic features of a disease and its treatment and its impact on patients and their families. (McCabe & Timmins, 2006).
If a patient does not understand the implications of her diagnosis and prevention or treatment
plans, an untoward event may occur. The same is true if the treating physician does not understand the patient or the cultural context within which
the patient receives critical information. In fact, communication breakdowns, between care providers and patient is the root cause of this incidence.

Frank, J., & Frank, J. (1991). Persuasion and healing a comparative study of psychotherapy (3rded.).Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press.
McCabe, C., & Timmins,F.(2006).Communication Skills for Nursing Practice. Palgrav: MacMillan.

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