An Important Early Small Group Theorist Essay

An Important Early Small Group Theorist Essay

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I thought I knew everything about communicating in groups, but I was wrong. Communicating in groups does not simply mean to get along with your group members and agree on the same issue or solution. Throughout this class, I learned that groups are not the only form of working together and communicating. There are also small groups, teams and small group communication. Many people including students do not really know the true meaning of groups. Marvin Shaw, “an important early small group theorist, defines a group as ‘persons who are interacting with one another in such a manner that each person influences and is influenced by each other person’ ” (Adams & Galanes, 2014). In other words, this means that a group is a set of people who interact with each other and share valuable information with one another. They value what each person has to say and learn and accept new things in this way.
Based on each of what these groups really mean, my group was a small group, since “small groups usually consist of three to seven members”(Adams & Galanes, 2014). At the beginning, my group was a little slow. We did not know where to do our service-learning project. At first it was a struggle but once we found a social issue that we would like to cover, we then looked for an organization where we could volunteer. Looking for an organization was easy, but doing the actual 15 hours was a little difficult since not everyone had a guaranteed ride to the Poverello House. After our first 5 hours, we decided to put our outline together for our first presentation. I believe that we did a great job as a team in our “group’s throughout processes”, which is “how the group works, including how roles, rules, and leadership develop: how members handle confli...

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...n your workplace and community. You need to do the right things so people can trust you enough to call you when they need help. I realized that most of the things like synectics, which is, “ a technique that stimulates thinking in metaphors and analogies” (Adams & Galanes, 2014), or building and learning to use evidence to back up your claim and opinion like mentioned in chapter seven is very important. These things may be common nowadays but in law enforcement, they are essential to do your work correctly.
I have obtained a lot of great information by attending this class. The information I received will not just help me here in Fresno State or in my career of choice but also in my everyday life. I believe that communicating in groups is essential to increase our knowledge in our group and individually, and to work together to achieve and complete a similar goal.

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