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An Ideal Version Of America Essay

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Decades before the Civil War, from 1815 to 1860, there was a period known as the Antebellum Era, where Americans fought to make changes in the society to make an ideal version of America. The economy of America began to deviate to the North manufacturing during the time the Industrial Revolution began, but in the South, the Cotton boom formed plantations to make it the prime debate of the country. It was represented by the advancement of abolitionists as well as the steady diffusion of the country among people who were for slavery, and abolitionists. At the same time it was represented by the advancement of abolitionists as well as the steady diffusion of the country among people who were for slavery, and abolitionists.
The Industrial Revolution started with the textile industry, which was formed in New England, and was restructured by Samuel Slater, who was previously an apprentice in Britain’s largest textile factory. Slater departed to Rhode Island after he learned that American states were paying rewards to people who could assist in the duplication of British textile machines. Slater’s organization of individual mills and mill towns expanded from the Blackstone Valley to Massachusetts.
Whilst down south, cotton plantations were exceptionally successful, relatively up to when overplanting filtrated a lot of the nutrients in the soil. Elevation in production of fiber in Eli Whitney’s cotton gin from the advancement of power looms as well as the sewing machine, elevated the demand for cotton transportation taken from the South to England as well as transporting it to the mills of New England. The proposition for slave labor and America’s embargo on the transfer of slaves expanded, and Africa raised the prices of slaves, compos...

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...s of America in Congress assembled, That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the following limits, except such portions thereof as are hereinafter expressly exempted from the operations of this act (An Act to Organize). After debating for months, the Kansas-Nebraska Act passed on May 30, 1854.
Years before the Civil war there was an era known as the Antebellum Era, where people fought to make changes to society. The economy of America changed and went North, where there was manufacturing during the Industrial revolution, yet in the south, there was a cotton boom to change the minds of the American people. It was represented by elevating numbers of abolitionists and people who were for slavery. The expansion of new territories as well as Western expansion and Manifest Destiny saw the growth of America’s uniqueness

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