An Ideal Life Starts With One 's Self

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An ideal life starts with one’s self. Overtime the building of relationships factor into your short and long-term goals to arrive at your future. It is your responsibility to create yourself into whatever it takes to reach the ideal life. As you struggle, several resources and means will make your ideal life that much easier to accomplish. Throughout it, the most important resource is your reputation; one way to build a reputation is debt. The character of reputation gained from debt is a pivotal step to achieve the ideal life through the role debt plays in our economy. Everyone wishes to achieve different goals in their life. The goals help individuals reach a step closer to what they perceive as the ideal life. Therefore, an ideal life is not universally the same, but is centered on the individual. What is universal is a persons’ reputation whether it is good or bad, a reputation is the first and last effect you leave with a person. In life, a sound reputation is the meat so to say, of any social interaction especially business related. The best way to gain a satisfactory business reputation is through debt. Just as written in “How Credit-Card Debt Can Help the Poor” the action of paying off debt provides an objective look at a person’s level of responsibility (Dewan). While I agree that debt gives a sense of responsibility, however I believe the author overlooks that fact that most poor people are too poor to even be in debt. Thus, the circumstance leads to poor people having no grounds for reputation to make plans for the future such as college loans for their children. While this may seem as a contradiction of words, in order to receive a credit card one must make a substantial salary. For the consumer who does not they ... ... middle of paper ... ...g out so many loans. It was his outstanding reputation both financially and personally, that secured his success in saving the people of the village. Just as in Yunus, case a good reputation assists in the procuring of a lifetime of dreams and ambitions that will lead to an ideal life. The ideal life consists of making decisions for one’s self to take steps towards the major goal in life. Of those decisions, many will rely on your past to help just as debt relies on the past to help the future. We heard how debt could save a village, make a person responsible and shape a cultural image. What is implied by these examples is each relied on the reputation of people and debt itself to make critical movement in there lives. Debt and the reputation it holds and provides others is a fundamental step to the start of any relationship developed in order to reach an ideal life.
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