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An Ideal Family Structure Essay

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Jacob pleads to the Norther through their idea of an ideal family structure. Northerners have a unique idea about relationships, which they share with their English counterparts in that women have a choice about their suitors. The relations between a woman and man results in a proper marriage, in which separate spheres exist in which women have a place where children grow up to be respectable citizens. Jacob tries to instill anger in the north by showing black people are more inclined to be like a northerner than any other person in the south but is limited by slavery. The institution of slavery allows a lecherous master dictates whom a slave may marry which ruin the institution of marriage. The way it is impossible for a female slave of maintaining her virtue in the south in contrast to a woman of the North. The sad situation many southern women keep that makes them hostile toward their female slaves. The northern idea of motherhood becomes impossible by the institution of slavery, which is seen in the event of a mother crying for her children being sold.
The manner in which slavery corrupts the family structure within its society is shown in the case in which Linda asks Dr. Flint about buying her freedom and marriage proposition to a free black man. The first love for Jacobs would be a free black man from the region, but the problem would be that slavery passed from the mother so their children would be the property of her mistress. The marriage to a slave would always depend on the master and what Dr. Flint shows is that as his property, Linda must submit to his orders. What Linda tries to express in this situation is that slaves and free black people have the same desire of love as the northern. The only thing that limits them...

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...s life depended on her children and the idea that she asks that God may take her away shows not only an emotional pull but to anger a northern mother. The very idea that a woman could raise her children is central to Northern society considering that to have respectable citizens; a child needs a good education from their mother. In this way, Slavery corrupts in the idea of motherhood in that a slave mother could be separated from her child without being able to do anything. This book’s audience would be not only an abolitionist but also mothers of northern society. Considering that women in England and the US had women of high literacy rates, they would in all likelihood read this book.
The main way in which Harriet Jacobs tries to appeal to Northern society to act is showing the corruption slavery has on the family structure both for the slave and white families.

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