An Holistic Emotional Intelligence Of A Multinational Technology Company

An Holistic Emotional Intelligence Of A Multinational Technology Company

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Specific personality traits have the ability to enhance the understandings of design thinkers and their emotional intelligence. According to analysis undertaken by Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence has been proven to not only identify successful design thinkers and leaders, but is also linked to strong business performance (Goleman, 2004). The arising concept of design thinking can be defined as the ability to create better suited ideas to the needs and desires of consumers, as opposed to the exhausted previous theory of making an existing idea attractive to consumers (Brown, 2008). Specifically, empathy is seen as one of the principal traits, however this is equally amongst other personality traits including motivation and optimism. Microsoft, a multinational technology company founded by Bill Gates emphasises how critical the implementation of design thinking and developing an holistic emotional intelligence of leaders is a driving force of innovation and creativity.

Design thinking, although not traditional or linear, proves to relentlessly drive businesses into success. Successful innovation has evolved due to the power of design thinking as evident in Microsoft having the largest market share in technology innovation(Trevis Team,2013). Design thinking highlights the importance of businesses creating relevance and connections with consumer interests. Additionally, the aim of design thinking involves the manifestation of creativity and innovation within 3 “spaces” (Brown, 2008). According to the “Design Thinking”, written by Tim Brown, these spaces are not specific activities or steps but rather concepts of problem “spaces” whereby “inspiration, ideation and implementation” all focuses on a user centred approach. The pr...

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...nation of empathy, optimism and self-motivation indicate the importance of multiple personality traits. Thus, these traits are essential to providing individuals as well as teams to successfully undertake the design thinking process.

Empathy, as also amongst other skills such as self-regulation and motivation is a critical personality trait of a design thinker and is linked strongly with business success and leadership. As evident through Bill Gates and the company Microsoft, a holistic approach to emotional intelligence ensures maximum effectiveness amongst design thinkers and their team. Design thinking is vital for a modern day business to succeed in the over-competitive and demanding market. Empathy, optimism and motivation are all principal traits of design thinking and thus evidently is highly rewarding when integrated into the business’ core and management.

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