Essay on An Extraordinary Vacation From Vietnam ( Draft V4 )

Essay on An Extraordinary Vacation From Vietnam ( Draft V4 )

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An Extraordinary Vacation in Vietnam (Draft V4)
Slowly opening my dreaded eyes and blinking rapidly to shake off my state of unconsciousness, I peek outside of the airplane window to see where we were at. Scanning with my eyes to the top view, I could see the beautiful white miniscule stars that shines across the sky. Shifting my eyes down to the bottom, I glimpse at the vast amount of city lights that springs across the land. As I brainlessly stare through the window of the plane, I felt a slight bump on my shoulder. “Con trai, chúng tôi đang ở đây.” I glanced over my shoulder to hear the first few words my father spoke to gain consciousness upon landing in my parent’s holy majestic birthplace, Vietnam. Exhausted and excited, I replied back in a tiring voice to my father, telling him how I’m glad to be back in this glorious country in my native tongue, “Cuối cùng, tôi không thể tin rằng chúng tôi đang ở đây.” My father along with my mother, who seems to have recently woke up, both gave a heartwarming smile that pointed towards me to show that we’ve finally arrived and that this was going to be the start of our greatest family one month vacation trip.
“Holy molly, the heat here is absolutely insane!” Those words barely came out of my dried mouth after taking my first footstep out of the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which was located in the largest city of Vietnam, Saigon (also known as Ho Chi Minh city for outsiders). As any first step into an unfamiliar country, taking in the fresh air is usually the second thing to do after walking. That was a mistake as breathing in the air was filled with the extreme moisture of heat. I could feel the heated molecules from the air attacked my face like angry hornets. It was not a pleasa...

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...e as we’d probably never see each other again for a very, very long time. As we arrived to the airport, our family were all hugging each other and saying their goodbyes. When we got to the entrance, I screamed out “Goodbye Kelly. Good bye Linh. Goodbye everyone in Vietnam!” Tears poured out of my eyes like a tsunami as I spoke these simple, yet, difficult words. We all waved back and forth as we separated. My heart aches as my mind flashes back of all the memorable moments we had here in this wonderful country. Once everyone boarded back on the plane, I told myself that our vacation went by really fast. I stared out of the window as the airplane was slowly lifting off from the ground into the night sky. I reminced and started going through all the things we’ve been through. I softly spoke to myself “We’ll meet again, Vietnam.” Those were my last words in that country.

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