An Expert Music Composer For Games And Films Essay

An Expert Music Composer For Games And Films Essay

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What single activity listed in the activity section of your Common Application are you most proud of and why? (150 words or less)
My most proud activity is without a doubt is the “PeacefulK”. The reason is simple because PeacefulK is me, and something that represents my music to the people. It is something that I genuinely enjoy without actually earning any income from it. It shows to the people, and to addition to myself that this is me, and this is my music alone. Sadly, I have not been uploading any music for a while, but as the PeacefulK, I have still been making musical pieces. It is my own form of passion and also motivation to make music. So it is my pride and joy of being a novice music composer, and is my future as an expert music composer for games and films.

List the titles of the required readings from courses during the school year or summer that you enjoyed most in the past year. (150 words or less)
I did not have any courses that I have taken this year, but if I can say the classes that I have taken during the fall (the community college or credit) and something that is not what you would really call a “required reading” I would say it is the music theory textbook aptly titled Theory for Today’s Musician. Music theory has always fascinated me, and there were some theories that I have not been able to study, so actually knowing the name of the techniques and chords that didn’t know about was absolutely enjoyable.

List the titles of the books you read for pleasure that you enjoyed most in the past year. (150 words or less)
Aion by Carl Jung, and the Psychological Types by Carl Jung are the books that I have read this past year. Fictional books were something that I have hard time reading, because I had to imagine ...

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...haracter was going through. Then I saw the video of where the music was applied and it was nearly an exact match. That was when I truly started to have my interest in music composition, to make a music (that could be simple) that provokes such raw imagination in human’s mind, but makes it possible to connect with other people even if they do not know what the origin of that music may be. The music I make is not for games or films every time, but I do try to make music that can cause emotion in peoples’ heart. I know that I am still very inexperienced, but that is the reason why I have specifically chosen music composition as my playing field. It is something that I actually and truly care about and it is a subject that I wish to indulge myself in and grow so that I can let other people feel the emotion that I have felt while I have listened to “The Price of Freedom”.

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