An Experiment On The Field Of Psychology And Other Disciplines Essay

An Experiment On The Field Of Psychology And Other Disciplines Essay

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The chapter regarding how to make orderly observations, introduces its readers to the different importantaspects that must be taken into consideration while attempting to conduct experiments in the field of psychology, and in other disciplines. Furthermore, it also introduces readers to the importance of observing the topic of interest, and the research question carefully, nevertheless, it also explains how to conduct the experiments by breaking down the process and definition of quantitative and qualitative designs, and also by comparing and utilizing both designs combined.
While choosing a research question it is essential to identify and manipulate all of the variables that might affect the outcomes of the experiment. For instance, the chapter explains that ignoring variability in the data set could increase the probabilities for the experimenter to make a great error on the outcome of the research. Therefore, by considering all possible variables there is a greater chance of getting the desired outcome. An example of a variable is given in this summarized chapter one. For instance, if a person or organization is attempting to study an experiment about students in a classroom, the variables would be infinate, and form a unique set. These variables help to know what differentiates this set from others, and allow the experimenters to know the set, and consequently prevent the occurance of errors in the study.
Another topic explained in this chapter is the process of quantitative designs. These are designs that contain measurable variables. For instance, a quantitative study would be one that measures the time it takes a block to slide down a plane when the plane is at a particular angle. This study has measurabl...

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...sychologist would analyse the subject under study in its natural setting, like observing the behavior of teachers while working. Lastly in the case history research technique are found a detailed account of the events of a case. An example of a case is a person’s life, his or her experience during an investigation, or an important event.
A further explanation regarding quantitative and qualitative designs is found when both methods are compared. For instance, quantitative designs are useful to measure with exactituted the frequency of a behavior, and allows psychologists to prove their data. However, it is benefitial to utilize qualitative data, if the details of behavior are of interest or need to the researcher. Therefore, it is important to rely on all the competitive data in order to perform a complete investigation, and be able to prove it and describe it.

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