An Experiment On Animal Acts Essay

An Experiment On Animal Acts Essay

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Friederike Range, the principle author of this study, and three other scientists from the University of Vienna, conducted an experiment in which they paired together domesticated dogs with an experimenter. All of the dogs that engaged in the study were asked to place their paws in the experimenter’s hand. After doing so, the dogs would be rewarded with a treat. When the experimenter did not reward one dog with a treat when he obeyed, but the other got rewarded, the dog who was not given a treat refused to obey and would not respond to the commands given by the experimenter. The scientists then proceeded to measured by recording the non obeying dog 's’ responses and interpreted the data.
The experiment performed by the scientists and experimenters caused the dogs, who were unrewarded for their actions, to feel what is called, inequity aversion. According to Paul Morris, inequity aversion is “...when an animal acts to stop perceived inequalities within its social group and it is a defining characteristic of social, or cooperative, species”. In other words, the dogs wanted similar rewards for performing the exact same actions as each other. Morris also stated that although dogs experience “jealousy” or “envy”, the feelings are not precisely how humans feel those feelings. Instead, Morris says the dogs most likely experienced a “primitive” feeling of envy.
Feeling certain emotions are considered to be a result of evolution. They are considered the end result of evolution for the main fact that these feelings cause animals to act in distinct ways that help increase their survival. In this case, the feeling of jealousy, enhances the animal’s chances of survival by “motivating” it to protect it’s nearby mates and for safety purposes. ...

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... popular article. Not enough information about the main facts of the experiment were referenced to in the popular source, as they should have so the reader could follow along easily. The main points are extremely essential to include in the popular article in order to get the reader to maintain a full understanding of what is being said throughout the entire article.
Overall, the popular article is a poor representation of the scholarly source. Most of the conclusions and findings reported in the scholarly article were not even mentioned or referenced to in the popular article, as they should have been for the reader to get a full grasp of the topic and what is being discussed. Ultimately, most of the information presented in the popular source is inaccurate and misleading, while not enough evidence was provided in the popular source to support the thesis as well.

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