An Experience For Remember : No Makeup Essay

An Experience For Remember : No Makeup Essay

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An Experience to Remember: No Makeup
I had the pleasure of taking a substance abuse class, the topics discussed were alcohol and various drug usage. This class was very eye opening and it made relevant how one could become easily addicted to these substances. Thinking of past experiences with family and friends, who used drugs and alcohol I learned who was susceptible to becoming addicted and why. Medically speaking, there is a genetic component in place that contributes to an individual who is an alcoholic. Unfortunately, with drug usage such as cocaine, and heroin individuals are trying to recapture the first pleasurable experience they encountered upon starting the drug. Taking this class, not only made me aware of how many people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, but it sheds light on the fact that, more often than not one addiction is sometimes traded for another. For example, if an alcoholic, gives up drinking it is not uncommon for him/her to smoke, which is clearly another bad habit that is addictive. In this paper I will discuss what I gave up for the week, along with the effects it had on me. Also, I will express what I learned about my relationship with this product and what I learned as a result of this experience.
As a class project, we were able to experience what it feels like to give up and addiction. My choice of behavior to relinquish was wearing makeup. I started wearing makeup daily 3 years ago and I must admit that I encompassed the whole element rather quickly. My routine consists of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, priming and putting on my layer of second skin the makeup. This process can take from 10 to 45 minutes daily it just depends on the look that I am trying to obtain. How ...

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...within, and women often wear makeup to fit into the bubble of what society deems acceptable. She stressed the importance of not using makeup as a requirement to make yourself feel beautiful.
This class placed an emphasis on what to look for in individuals, who experience a lifestyle of substance abuse. It was very informative to find out that alcohol/drug use is a disease that affects brain receptors and once too much of this stimulant, or depressant has been used it takes a while for normal brain functions to occur. In some cases, individuals cannot regain all functions of their brain and drug usage results in death. As a counselor, this project gave me some insight into the behavior individuals struggling with alcohol and substance abuse experience. Now I can not only say I hear what you are saying. Respectfully, I can say that I understand it as well.

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