Essay on An Exercise Program Involves Improving Strength, Balance And Gait

Essay on An Exercise Program Involves Improving Strength, Balance And Gait

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Otago. Otago is an exercise program that involves improving strength, balance and gait. The program involves 17 exercises that vary in difficulty. The exercises include shoulder rolls, marching in place, calf raises, knee bends, sit to stand, calf stretches and other similar exercises. The exercises can also be increased in difficulty by adding weights. The first day of the program, the physical therapist assesses the patient for tolerance to exercise and adjusts the program and speed based on the patient individual situation (Liston, 2014). The program involves walking therapy but not until the 5th week and the patient has shown the ability to tolerate walking. Scientific data shows that walking alone does not reduce fall risk therefore walking therapy is done in conjunction with the program (Liston, 2014). The program is supervised and instructed by a physical therapist. The physical therapist must meet with the patient for the first 8 weeks until the patient demonstrates an understanding of proper form and technique. The patient will then move to a self-management phase with follow-ups scheduled with the physical therapist every 6,9,12 months. After completion of the 8 weeks with a physical therapist, fall rates have been shown to fall 35% in patients over 65 years old. The statistics were taken from a sample size of 1500 participants who completed at least 6 months of the program (Liston, 2014). The program is gaining popularity and has shown to be beneficial in improving patients quality of life and preventing falls from occurring.
Tai chi. Tai chi is a form of martial arts that is used to strengthen the participant 's core muscles and increase balance. The method of fall prevention should be started before t...

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...ventions are showing that a stop to such a preventable injury is possible. The medical staff and patients must be willing to take the time to identify a patient 's risk factors and address the factors which cause falls. Furthermore, the evidence has shown that falls are an increased financial burden to the patients as well as the hospitals that must pay when insurance refuses. The cost for the injuries will only continue to increase if ways of reducing the injuries are not found and implemented. Therefore, it is financially wise to move forward with the current investigation of new interventions and evaluation of existing interventions. The cost is reasonable when evaluated against the impact the interventions have in producing positive patient outcomes. Falls can be prevented when a patient is provided the knowledge and have the medical staff present to help.

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