An Example of Women Enslaved: "The Story of An Hour" by Kate Chopin

An Example of Women Enslaved: "The Story of An Hour" by Kate Chopin

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Over the years the roles of women and their rights have drastically changed. They have been dominated, trapped, and enslaved by their marriage. Women have slowly evolved into individuals that
have rights and can stand on their own. Though some women are still enslaved, the rate is lesser than
in the old days. The myth that women are meant to be housewives has been changed. They are now
individuals seen in highly reputable places. However, this change did not happen overnight, it took
years to happen.” The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin might be a short story, but it shows how
women felt obligated to stay with their husbands despite the fact that they were unhappy with them. It
shows the positive change that has taken over the feminine world from the eighteenth century until
now . Kate Chopin the author, presents this story with the using dramatic irony to show the liberation
of women in the nineteenth century.
The character, Mrs. Louise Mallard shows the traditional roles of women in the eighteenth
century. In the beginning of the short story, Mrs. Mallard is portrayed is a weak and fragile woman who
suffered from a heart trouble. When the news of her husband’s death was apparent, Richard, a family
friend and Mrs. Mallard’s sister were very delicate in the way they broke the news to her. Once the
news was broken to her, It seemed she would act to her husband’s death in a traditional way “she wept
once with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arm’ (Chopin 256), however Mrs. Mallard flouts the
traditional role of women by overcoming the feelings of sadness and instead replacing it with joyful

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While she was in her room, she sinks into a comfortable arm chair, “stressed out from the news
that haunted her body and soul” while she sobbed. The word comfortable strikes the reader, it ironically
tells a reader, that she became comfortable at the new of her husband’s death which makes me assume
she was uncomfortable with her husband. The word “comfort” appears when there is peace, happiness,
and satisfaction. But in Mrs. Mallards case she was informed about something that was disheartening
but still, she found comfort in the arm chair. This backs up my assumption that she was uncomfortable
with her husband.
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