An Examination of The Death Penalty Essay

An Examination of The Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty is a very controversial topic, and the passion of its supporters and naysayer runs high in opinions. The people’s opinion of the death penalty are formed over the years, or in a quick judgment off of what they heard and can be based of a basis upbringing, personal, cultural and peer pressure. The supporters are unwavering with their opinion. The options ranges from executions are in humane, there is a risk that an innocent can be executed, and is the death penalty really a deterrent for future crime. My opinion is that the death penalty is a needed necessity and that there is a small glimmer of hope that can come out of it. Thou, there needs to be some changes made to the system. The writ of Habeas Corpus give the opportunity for a criminal the option of a run around the courts and delay their sentence of death. And also the appeals process can take an upwards of ten plus years for a criminal to exhaust all the appeals that there are. The death penalty is a useful tool when used in the right manner.

Opinions on the death penalty vary from person to person. But one thing is the same; a human life is about to be ended. For the families of the victims, it’s an end of a long road of suffering. But to the families of the condemned, their suffering has yet to being. The sentence of death had multiple endings, firing squad, lethal gas, hanging, electrocution, and the most popular, lethal injection. Even though all these executions will end in death, it’s the moment leading up to death that people argue about. The question of if an execution is done in a humane or inhumane way.

There is a new study that sates, Nitrogen Asphyxiation to be the best way to execute a prisoner. (Creque) The gas ...

... middle of paper ...

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